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"My time working with Bryan dates back to his days at McLaren, Lamborghini Newport Beach. Since then, he has built out an impressive service offering of vehicle performance upgrades, enhancements, track prep, maintenance, and restorative services from everyday use of these cars under his new brand.

Expect treatment of your car to go above and beyond any dealership or performance shop you've worked with before.

Bryan works diligently behind the scenes to keep his communication channels open and ensure highest quality work on a timely basis. The ease of mind of having your car in the hands of highly capable and care-taking individuals is worth the experience of working with Bryan and his team.

Services I've had completed at ESS:
- McLaren steering wheel trim swap;
- McLaren euro-spec side marker reflector swap;
- McLaren custom front skid plate install;
- Fabspeed downpipes and ECU tune;
- Carbon fiber rear diffuser and bumper repair

Thanks again Bryan."


Will K.

"One of the problems of owning an exotic sports car is finding a trustworthy shop for the dreaded annual service, repair, or aftermarket upgrades.  My stock 2013 McLaren 12C spider is already a great sounding car with factory sports exhaust but I'm one of those guys who is always looking for a little extra performance edge and better sound.  


Not wanting to pay full labor rate $190/hour (ouch!) at McLaren dealership, I found a perfect shop in Exotic Specialty Services to install my Fabspeed Supersport X-Pipe exhaust system.  My car sounds amazing now after the upgrade with much more aggressive tone and extra power to boot.


 I got to know Bryan (owner) when he was the service manager at McLaren Newport Beach and he took great care of my car during annual service or warranty repairs.  He always kept me informed on work progress with texts and photos.  I was excited to find out he has since opened up his own shop in Huntington Beach and most importantly has a McLaren factory trained technician working on my car!  Bryan is a very friendly and knowledgeable car enthusiast (he drives an Audi R8) and he knows what all exotic car owners are looking for in their pride and joy - experienced technicians, excellent customer service all at a very competitive price (trust me you don't pay dealership rates there).


 I am sure I will be back at Exotic Specialty Services for more upgrades and services on my Mac before long.  You will not be disappointed if quality work with great value are what you are looking for."

David P.

"This place is awesome....clean, professional, and high quality. Bryan and the team are incredible and very knowledgeable, as well as extremely friendly.


It's hard to find someone that knows how to work on exotic cars that won't take advantage of the owner thinking they don't care about the cost associated with the repairs.  ESS is very reasonable and very good at what they do.  


I had them fix some burn marks on the paint and they did a seamless paint blend that I guarantee no one could ever find on the car.  I highly recommend them to anyone that is looking for a go to service center for their exotic or any car for that matter.


Thanks Bryan, I appreciate you taking such great care of me and my Lambo."


Pete F.

"Awesome owner, they do great work and the prices can't be beat! Highly recommend them for your high end cars. Experienced and extremely knowledgeable."


Leslie B.

"Had this nasty aftermarket trunk with horrible paint from the previous owner. Have used these guys before to restore many interior trim pieces on my other cars and knew this would be a walk in the park for them to fix my m3 back to its former glory.


Brian and Sean are a dynamic duo. They approach each task as if they were working on their personal vehicles.


Quality usually doesn't come cheap but these guys are efficient and don't monkey around. They get it done the first time around. Will definitely be back. Thanks guys!"


Curtis C.

"Excellent service! Bryan worked on my McLaren 650S, servicing the car as well helping with skid plates, performance upgrades, painting my rotators, etc. He did a fantastic job! The car is running better than ever.


 He communicates very well and truly gives an honest opinion and very fair with prices. Very trust worthy. Highly recommend them!"


Indraneel C.

"Bryan is awesome! I would trust his new shop Exotic Speciality Services to do any Exotic and do a great job at a fair price. I was impressed, his guys are the best in the business.


I had a small 3 inch scuff / scratch on the bottom of the Lamborghini. I was first referred to Sterling Collision Center - "The Client Advisor" who took a look at the car and said that it would be about a $6,000 minimum, could be higher, and would take a couple of weeks as they would have to take the bumper off and do a lot of unnecessary work. Ridiculous! That's about $1000 an hour. 


I then heard Bryan Clockel who used to be a service advisor at Ferrari, and also Lamborghini/McLaren had opened a new shop. I dropped the car off and it was done in 2 days at $350.00 and it was flawless. A beautiful job and very affordable. 


It's refreshing to deal with an honest and high end shop who are about cars and not gouging you.


I would recommend them in a second."


Eadweard Y.

"I was referred to Bryan to correct the sticky buttons on my Ferrari F430 and I am extremely impressed by his knowledge, experience and excellent job that he did with refinishing various sticky interior parts.


Bryan has answered every question I had about the car and I will be back for service and upgrades in the near future.


Bryan has a passion for exotic cars and it shows in his enthusiasm, excellent communication and work ethic.


I had an issue with the car at home and Bryan responded to my texts today multiple times in just a few minutes.


I take my cars very seriously and I only work with the best people who I can trust.


Exotic Specialty Services is that Place."


Eric S.

"I have known Brian for some time now and as expected, he delivers superb personal service to his customers, trust worthy, and his work speaks for itself. 


He communicates very well with frequent updates and gives an honest opinion if something is not worth it. 


He serviced my McLaren 650S, repainted my rotors the right way, upgraded skid plates, etc. and the car runs better than ever! 


Trust is hard to come by these days and Exotic Specialty Services has my trust. I highly recommend him and will come back to him when the time comes."


Indraneel C.

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